Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Potential crime scene

Handed the camera into the police today and showed them the pictures. Also told them where I found it. They said I should come with them to investigate.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the area because it's a "potential crime scene", but I can describe what we found:
The footprints had been mostly wiped away by weather, but the marks where something or someone was dragged through the bush were mostly there. They ended at a tree, with a strange picture scratched into it of what looked a bit like an angel or demon or something man shaped with wings.

It was surrounded by the "Slender Man Symbol" I described in my previous post, there were three of them carved in a triangle pattern around the winged figure, and one of each of the nearby trees. Got a really eerie feeling the whole time as well. Can't describe it, but it was really strange and unnerving. Only went away when I had left the bush completely.

The police said to tell them if anything else happens. Knowing I have a good backup there is reassuring at least.

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