Saturday, January 16, 2010

In plain sight.

And here I was thinking I was safe.

Was in the city today, and there he was, standing on a balcony, in plain sight. He didn't do anything, just watched me untill I left the area. I got a photo of him:

I'm debating whether I should show the police the photo, but I get the feeling they'd just pass them off as fakes.

I'd ask someone on here for help, but it's not as if anyone reads this.


  1. It seems like this picture has been taken with the same camera that you found in the woods, but didn't you hand that one in to the police?

  2. Its my own digital camera, its a very similar one to the one I handed in. Like I said, the cord fit into the one found in the woods.

    Sorry about the quality, but I don't have any better ones.

    1. Its not the camrea its the weird energy singil thing hes produceing it messes with tech seach it up*ask if you need more info*

  3. It's not like no one reads it. I'm reading all these posts now and finding it incredibly strange and creepy. This makes me feel very sorry for you TT.TT